Book List: My Top Five Books of 2021

I won’t lie, I’m at a total loss for book list ideas these days! And it occurred to me this morning that I could present my five very favorite books ever… …but then I realized that is a literally impossible task. Instead, may I present to you: my top five books of 2021! 2021 was…Continue reading »

Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman

The 52 Book Club 2022 Challenge Prompt: 19. A book that has an alternate title (ie. The Duchess) Other Possible Prompts: 5. Chapters have titles, 7. A non-fiction bestseller, 10. A book based on a real person, 24. Addresses a specific topic, 25. A wealthy character, 33. A bilingual character, 40. A book with photographs…Continue reading »

Reading Update: May

The usual GIF offering for the reading update gods: That’s right…I went there. Even though this is the most disturbing image of JT I can possibly imagine, I went there. April was an awesome reading month for me, yet again! I’ve never had such a successful spring time, at least not since I was a…Continue reading »

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