The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m back with another week of rewinds. 🙂 I read The Worst Best Man on my spring break and I wanted to talk about it, because it’s a pretty dang cute read!

Carolina Santos is a currently unwed wedding planner. She would’ve been wed, if it weren’t for her future brother-in-law opening his mouth and convincing her fiance to run away on their wedding day. But whatever, that was years ago, and she’s over it now.

Until her big break as a planner comes around, and it now means working with said ex-future-brother-in-law: Max. Convinced by her friends, she knows she needs some closure, and maybe to even the playing field a bit. But Max has some other plans. He needs this contract to break out of his brother’s shadow and get his mother’s attention, but he may just get that attention another way, like winning Lina’s heart.

I thought the concept behind this book was real cute, and the execution was also fabulous. Sosa has a very sweet writing style that’s hard to put down. It only took me a couple hours to finish this novel!

I love that Sosa focuses into Brazilian culture as part of her storytelling; I love that that’s a trend right now and that I get to step into these character’s world and learn something new when I read these stories. 🙂 Lina’s Brazilian background took a front seat for some of this book and it was just lovely to read.

Pulling on that same thread, Lina also has her own agenda, similar to what I mentioned last week’s post (in case you missed my review of Love Her or Lose Her). I have so much more respect for a romance book that can make the women seem real, and have real ambitions and lives. The whole reason the romance takes place centers around Lina’s career as a wedding planner, at which she’s extremely successful. Throughout the book, the path the romance takes follows her career. I like that Lina doesn’t lose sight of that success even as she begins to fall for her coworker.

The romance itself, unfortunately, lacked that special SPARK that I’m just endlessly searching for! There are very few books that can capture my love like that, so I don’t fault Sosa for it. It’s enemies to lovers, which is usually my favorite trope, but it falls flat this time. Their romance is cute, but it’s not totally for me. Which is all good. I still recommend you give it a read.

The Worst Best Man is out now!


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