Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker

Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another Tuesday, another super cute read! Though, this isn’t just any Tuesday…as I write this, I have been blogging about my favorite reads with you for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Thank you to everyone who gives these reviews a gander, any publisher who has provided me with excellent reading material…and here’s to many more blog-birthdays. 🙂

Now back to business! Happy Singles Day is heckin’ cute, y’all! I was lucky enough to be one of the 50 people chosen to read this ARC and I am so. Dang. Grateful. I knew from the second I saw this gem that it was right up my alley, and up my alley it was.

Paige is a chronic workaholic – a type A professional organizer, who threw her whole self into her work after a terrible heartbreak. With much prodding from her best friend and assistant, she books herself a week’s vacation on a whim to a bed and breakfast on an island in North Carolina…

…and that very bed and breakfast is owned by Lucas, single dad and widower, who hasn’t opened its doors in years since the death of his wife. But thanks to his little sister’s shenanigans, the Copper Lantern Inn is open again…and so is Lucas’ heart.

Again, people, with the children. If a mama dog and her four puppies rescued from a rainstorm didn’t get me, little Maddie would’ve sold me. It very clearly takes children to soften some people, and after the rocky start Paige and Lucas get, Maddie’s antics were needed! Lucas’ five year old daughter was a much loved surprise about this book.

I loved the premise of this sweet little story. The setting got me, but I wish even more effort had been put in to emphasizing it’s charm. The little inn by the shore is the trope we’re all here for, and I didn’t get nearly enough of it! (BRB…going on vacation to the NC area??).

I also related far too much to Paige (ie., I’m in this picture and I don’t like it). Minus the heartbreak in her past, I felt for her. Paige is a workaholic who lives for her job, but because it’s her passion. The vacation she takes to Lucas’ inn is the first one she’s taken in three years. Her job is organizing, for pete’s sake. It’s ME. I’m Paige!!

That aside, I really did think the characters were cute and genuine. It felt a bit like *insta love* but in that wholesome way I can occasionally stand, ‘ya know? My only complaint was that I wish I had more time with these characters, and more time to get to know them. You fall deeper into the story, the more you feel like the characters are long-time friends. I wish I’d had that here.

That said, highly recommend. I’m starting to think I’m either highly unqualified to be rating books, or literally all the books are good lately.

Happy Singles Day will be released January 19th, 2021. A copy was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I can’t wait for you all to read it. ❤

Have a lovely week!


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