Survive the Night by Riley Sager

Survive the Night by Riley Sager

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Riley Sager writes the perfect summer read: chilling, thrilling, and twisty as hell. Survive the Night was no different. I was still guessing and gasping until the last fifty pages or so.

Charlie lost her best friend to the Campus Killer. Maddy, a bright, eclectic character was the third victim of a serial killer that haunts Charlie’s campus, and it was just one too many losses for her already chaotic mind. She decides to cut her losses and share a ride home with a stranger, despite her boyfriend’s protests.

But things are not as simple as they seem. Despite Charlie’s efforts to be careful, she may just be driving home with a murderer…and it’s all she can do to just survive the night.

Like I said, the twists? Incredible. About halfway through I had my first “Oh my God!”, about three quarters of the way I was saying “Whaaaa-“, and within those last fifty pages I was saying “NOOOOO!!”. So it’s been a ride.

My only complaint – and it’s my usual complaint with Sager – is that some things just never add up. At first glance it’s a great story, but then you’re driving to work over thinking it and wondering why x happened when y eventually came to be. It happened with the last book I read of his, and the one before that. I actually spent an hour reading reviews and questions from Home Before Dark on Goodreads, lamenting with other readers the utter confusion but fascination with the book.

But, if you’re only here for a good time, I can’t recommend Sager enough. Clearly he’s good enough that I’ve picked up book after book of his, and they have that perfect summer vibe.

Charlie is an awesome character. I have a few issues with her, primarily derived from the fact that she was written by a male and her storyline is male centered and revolving around violence perpetrated on women. However, she’s still a badass. I think her emotions and what she feels in regards to her safety, her friend’s death, and her survival, are very raw and real, and make the story more enjoyable.

All in all, I highly recommend Survive the Night. It’s a great act to follow Home Before Dark, and I think Sager just keeps getting better. I’ll be watching for his next release.

Have a great week, fellow readers!


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