Reading Update: January

Reading Update: January

Happy Friday, peeps! And happy January! I’m here with your new year, new update. 😉

I’m already finding that The 52 Book Club 2022 Challenge has me reading more than I have been the past couple weeks. The holidays really slowed me down, but keeping up with the challenge, and trying to read my Libby loans before they get torn away from me, has me reading much faster than I have been. I’m averaging a book every three days right now, even with work.

I am still trying to finish Devolution by Max Brooks, however, and not because it’s bad. Once I had decided to do the 2022 challenge, it was the only book on my shelf that fit prompt 27: includes a map. I thought maybe if I held on and finished it after the start of the year it’d be fine to count it…but now I don’t want to jump back into it, because I totally forgot what’s happened in the first eighty pages or so. I can’t win. Anyways, I grabbed the audiobook on loan from Libby, so I’m going to give that a shot when it becomes available!

And speaking of, Libby audiobooks have been absolutely saving my ass lately. I’ve taken on so many new hobbies, and still have so many responsibilities around the house, that audiobooks have been a savior. I’ve listened to two in the past week, whereas if I had to take time to sit down and read right now I’m not sure I would have accomplished this much. I have another one downloaded and three more on hold. They may not be for everybody, but when I’m running out of physical time but I still can’t be without a book, audiobooks save the day.

I skipped my bookstore review this month because I just didn’t have the time to drive to a new bookstore – the nearest one I haven’t explored is probably a good fifty miles, and it is so very hard to fit things in with the holidays. I’m thinking of dropping the bookstore review altogether. What are your thoughts? Do you like reading the bookstore reviews? Would you prefer a “Go book shopping with me” segment once per month? I’m more apt to frequent a Gibson’s or B&N any given month than make a pilgrimage to a new indie store, though I do love exploring new places and supporting small businesses! Let me know what you think.

Looking forward to the coming month, I want to knock out a few more prompts with new books I’ve ordered! I just picked up She Sheds Style by Erika Kotite and Not Your Average Hot Guy by Gwenda Bond. Worst case scenario, Not Your Average Hot Guy will fit prompt 45: a book with illustrated people on the cover. I’m not clear on where to put She Sheds Style, though. In a general sense I think it fits prompt 24: addresses a specific topic, since it’s literally just about she sheds, but most of the prompt suggestions are on current events and movements… if that was their intent with this prompt, it was worded really poorly. “Addresses a specific topic” is really broad! I had already planned out a lot of my prompts, but I might go back and rework them. Some of them, I already switched around; others, I had accidentally read last year. We’ll see where I land at the end of the month, and then February’s project might be to redo my roadmap!

I’m finally making a dent in my huge NetGalley shelf…likely only because I haven’t requested anything in so long! I’m finding lately that I feel really out of touch with what’s new and popular. When I was cataloging at the library I was pretty familiar with new books of every genre…but now I haven’t the slightest clue. I’ve honestly lost track of romance, even. My recent trip to the library highlighted just how out of touch I am, hence my desire to do a “go book shopping with me” segment! I need to get back to the bookstore regularly so I can see all these great new releases. What have you read recently that should be on my tbr??

And that’s going to do it for January!! Stay warm, read inside. 🙂 Enjoy the month!


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