Adventures in Book Hunting, Volume 3

Adventures in Book Hunting, Volume 3

In which we gather interior design books from my library

Omg, I am so behind…I had it on my schedule to get all of these monthly posts done today but IT DIDN’T OCCUR TO ME THAT IT’S ALREADY THE FIRST OF THE MONTH??? Oh goodness. So this is not only a rushed experience but it’s going to be one part book hunting, one part life happenings, one part library advocacy…so buckle up.

Of course, I used to work at Oscar Foss Memorial Library in Barnstead, so it is my library of choice. I’m not biased at all, but…staff if the best, variety is the best, ~atmosphere~ is the best.

Support your local library, my dudes.

But this week I’ve really been thinking about some interior design stuff: I currently live in an apartment, so unfortunately, I can’t paint the walls or hang things, really. Instead I’m repainting or refinishing furniture, adding signs where there’s already screws and nails, or just rearranging things and adding throw pillows to my heart’s content.

I started a little Etsy shop recently so my mind has been all over the farmhouse style and crafting some unique home decor. I’ve been picking up some interior design books that have smaller project ideas, things that I can implement while still living in a rental.

One of my most recent and successful personal projects of late was my great grandmother’s dresser. It had been painted black years ago but I just had a gut feeling that what was underneath it was this gorgeous, mid-century wood. I watched a couple videos and bought paint stripper, then went to work. Here’s the progress photos and result!

I don’t love refinishing furniture, but there is something super satisfying about that transformation…and having a more attractive piece of furniture.

So with all this in mind I set out to find some interior design books. I was going to start at Gibson’s, but I know the library is a plethora of knowledge for crafty books like these, and thought it better to start there instead. I’m glad I did! You never know how much they’ll have, and how much will tick your boxes, until you try!

I began my search online, and reserved about five titles I recalled by name and/or found whilst perusing keywords like “interior design”, “farmhouse”, and “organization”.

When I came in to pick them up, I was able to take a look yet again and see if there was any that I missed. I grabbed How to Make A House a Home in addition, but decided to pass on Wild Blooms because it seemed a little too niche and not quite the style I’m going for.

So I grab my stack of reserves, and this is what I ended up taking home!

I’m most excited for The Home Edit and A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, which has projects inside that I could potentially take on for our home or for my business! Once I saw it in person, I was less confident about It’s the Little Things…I liked to concept of adding small touches to your home that spark joy, but I don’t think it’s the style inspo I’m looking for on these projects.

While I can totally believe how much my library has, if you haven’t been in a while, you might be surprised how much your library has! Consider this the universe’s sign for you to go visit your local library. Pick up a new hobby or just a new book. Libraries are your resource for information for everything from the frivolous to the very important.

Now that I’ve gathered up some initial texts and information, I think my next step will be a Gibson’s order for another Domino book, as well as the companion texts for The Home Edit. I also want more books specifically geared toward farmhouse style.

I think all of this is just coming out of an extreme desire to own my own home. We tried to purchase a home last year, but it fell through, and I’ve just been bummed ever since. Now that we’ve made the decision to rent until we move states, I think I’m feeling the loss even more acutely knowing it’s not soon within my grasp. I want *nice* things in my home that spark joy and warmth, and I’m in the midst of finding what that means to me.

My next project to take on is going to be staining all of my bookshelves and crates! As I’m sure you’ve learned, I am obsessed with my crate system. Instead of owning large, hulking bookshelves, I buy unstained crates you can find at the craft store for about ten dollars, and I just pick up another one every time I need a little more space! These crates have become my coffee table, bedside tables, coffee bars, entertainment centers…literally so many things in my home are made up of these crates. It’s my best interior design trick, but it’s also going to be a huge project…since there’s a ton of them.

Wish me luck! Happy Friday!


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