Book List: My Favorite Thrillers

Book List: My Favorite Thrillers

After the great month of thrillers I’ve had, and my strong desire to pick up more, I think it’s finally time to dive into some of my favorite thrillers I’ve read!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

As always, I don’t make money off these links, I just like to make it easier for you to order those that interest you. Don’t want to order from my local bookstore? Order from yours! Jeff Bezos doesn’t need your money!

Let’s jump in!

The Whisper Man by Alex North

The Whisper Man was my first Alex North, but certainly not my last. Sitting alone in the house at night reading this, I was convinced someone was standing behind me. Very few books can give me the shivers and that feeling of being watched quite like this one did…and I loved every second of it. Just like with some of the others on this list, The Whisper Man starts with a horror feel to it, so keep that in mind as you pick it up. Grab a copy of your very own here.

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

I love Riley Sager’s works. I first picked up Home Before Dark, though, so I think it will always have a special place in my heart! Sager is a master of the thriller and has written all kinds of different tropes into terrifying works of constant action. Home Before Dark hits on the haunted house…so it goes without saying it also seems to have ties to the horror genre. I loved this one, as it really reminded me of The Haunting of Hill House (in this case, the show, not the book!). Get a copy here. (On an unrelated note, I’ve never seen this cover before but I LOVE it!).

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

Many thrillers give you that feeling on the back of your neck, the goosebumps, the stomach fluttering fear…but few books left me as hollow as The Broken Girls. I know that must sound like a bad thing, but I swear it wasn’t! I loved the characters, the setting, and this mystery is incredible. But the most profound part of the book, that helps it earn a spot on this list, is the atmosphere of it, the way I felt during and after reading it. St. James sets an incredible stage, and there was just something ghastly and vast about The Broken Girls. Get your own copy of it here.

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

One of my go-to book recommendations for thriller readers at the library was always The Roanoke Girls. I admittedly felt like I knew how it was going to end before we really got into it, but I don’t know if that was just me, or a general audience thing. Regardless, I love the vibe, the setting, and the action of Roanoke Girls, and everyone I recommended it to would come back and say “…it was creepy, but a little weird.” Yeah, pretty much. And this also brings up the question, where the heck did Amy Engel go??? Has she written anything new?? Get The Roanoke Girls for yourself here.

Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson

Might as well throw a little YA in here too! Though I don’t know as if I would classify this as YA…no matter who the author is. Don’t let the classification deceive you, this one is chilling down to the bone. The twist in this story just had me so SHOOK. I don’t care if that’s cheesy, I said it and I meant it. I read this in high school, but I think a re-read might be overdue. This one is creepy and bizarre, and much more fit to an adult brain, in my opinion. Get your copy here.

And since I’m in such a thriller mood…I want to hear your recommendations!! I’ve picked up some things I never would have a year ago, and just loved them. What book gave you the creeps??

Have an awesome weekend friends!


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