Book List: My Favorite Novel Friendships

Book List: My Favorite Novel Friendships

Thank you to Willow for this stellar idea! Great friends can make or break a book for me sometimes. And even then, sometimes I hate a book, but the best friend was awesome…and I just wonder why we didn’t write a book about the friend? *shrugs*

Without further ado, my favorite friends and found families:

Bruno & Kamala: Ms. Marvel

I love Ms. Marvel! I don’t think it comes up often on the blog, but I’m actually really into comics. There are a select few female superheroes that I will read on the regular, and Ms. Marvel is my absolute favorite. I adore G. Willow Wilson’s Kamala Khan, and her friendship with Bruno is amazing. I think the new Disney+ show captured them both perfectly. They are the perfect nerdy pair, and Bruno really becomes part of Kamala’s world with no hesitation. We all need a Bruno! Start the G. Willow Wilson series here.

Kristen & Sloan: The Friend Zone

It’s no surprise to anyone who reads my reviews regularly that I love The Friend Zone. This got me hooked on Abby Jimenez, but so far none have topped this one. And part of what made it so great was the amazing friendship between Sloan and Kristen: they supported each other in all the best ways, and when it came to be crisis time, they were everything the other needed. I love a power friendship like this one, and I think it continued perfectly in The Happy Ever After Playlist. Get your own paperback here.

Dannie & Bella: In Five Years

If you haven’t read the heartbreaking masterpiece that is In Five Years, you don’t quite know how key this friendship is. I went in expecting the book to be a romance, which I think was an intentional choice on the publisher’s part, but it’s really about friendship. I think Dannie and Bella and the story that unfolds explore what it means to be a true friend, with a lot of opportunity to mess up, and a lot of opportunity to redeem yourself. I loved this book, in spite of it being nothing like I thought it would be. It was gut wrenching, and soul crushing, and beautiful. Get a copy of your own here.

Finlay & Vero: Finlay Donovan is Killing It

Quite possibly my favorite pair on the list, Finlay and Vero are my favorite hysterical dream team for hired assassins. Mother and babysitter turned found family, Finlay and Vero go together perfectly, their sense of humor perfectly matched. On the page, they read like true best friends, complete with all the antics, sillies, and caretaking of two gal pals. It reminds me of my own best friend and I, and that helps connect to the book and the characters, for sure. Their friendship is truthfully one of my favorite parts of this series! Get a copy of your own here.

The Bromance Book Club: The Bromance Book Club

Ah yes, the Bromance Book Club! While most of the friends on this list are pairs, I can’t speak highly enough of the group of men that makes up the heart of this series by Lyssa Kay Adams. The book club reads romance books to better understand women, and over breakfast at their favorite diner, they learn how to be better feminists and support the women in their lives. I take it back… these guys are the true power friendship goals – nothing like turning your famous friends into vocal feminists! Get the first book here!

And thus concludes my August book list! Keep those book list ideas coming – this one was tons of fun and reminded me of some books I truly forgot how much I loved!

Have a great weekend!


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