The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Other Possible Prompts: 25. A wealthy character, 37. Set in a rural area, 45. A book with illustrated people on the cover, 46. A job title in the title, 52. Published in 2022

I FINALLY finished one of my Book of the Month picks!!! I ordered two in July, including The Bodyguard and You’re Invited. I couldn’t pick between the two, and I had skipped June, so I figured it was only fair!

Hannah Brooks, a very tiny, unassuming young woman, is a bodyguard. After the loss of her mom, Hannah finds herself desperate to escape her home state of Texas – only to be placed instead on a high-profile assignment right there in Houston: protecting movie-star Jack Stapleton.

Jack Stapleton has come out of hiding to be with his mother while she battles cancer, despite family tensions. When she asks him to move out to the ranch for the next few months, he can’t refuse – but he also can’t take a bodyguard with him…so Hannah is forced to play the fake girlfriend. Reeling from several losses, can she remember that none of it is real?

Not really my best synopsis work, lol.

I wasn’t really expecting this to be some heavy-hitting romance that I typically enjoy, but it sounded cute enough, and I’ve never read Katherine Center before. “Cute” pretty much nails it on the head. This book just kind of reads like a romcom movie; you could probably translate the whole thing to a movie script with a few quick tweaks. I’m not sure if this is the uzhe for her, but it I didn’t really mind it. Normally I might find that pretty annoying, but I think Center has some talent.

While I thought the romance scenes were cute (there I am with that word again), I think our main characters could’ve been a little better. They weren’t flat or bad, I just didn’t like them all that much? Hannah is…lacking in self-confidence. That’s the best way to put it. She lacks so much self-confidence that you actually start to buy into the whole mess. Like, I started to think she must be ugly and a bad kisser. I don’t really like that trait on people, where they’re lacking self-worth to the point of being personally destructive, which is where I think Hannah landed. It’s not charming, it’s cringey. Otherwise, she was fine. She wasn’t *actually* bad, she just liked to regularly remind everyone that she was.

Jack was kind of the opposite, which I’m sure was part of the point. Confident to the point of arrogance, nonchalant and easygoing in every scene. I liked him, but he said some kind of unforgivable stuff to Hannah, in my opinion. He played into her lack of self-confidence in a way that suggests toxicity. Not the best communicator, either. I don’t know, I definitely wasn’t falling for him in the pages – he just wasn’t *that* likeable. They were banking too much on a golden retriever personality.

So that’s kind of where it loses points in my book. I went in with really reasonable expectations, and it was easy-reading, but I just didn’t care for Hannah and Jack. Not liking them, though, is a personal preference, and may not end up being your experience. I recommend this book under the guise that you are aware it will not blow your mind, if that makes sense.

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend!


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