Reading Update: September

Reading Update: September

Hello friends! May I present to you: my very first reading update.

It occurred to me, late last month as I stared at the ceiling at 12am, that I needed a way to communicate to everyone who reads this blog consistently when my life was so insane that keeping up with it was getting difficult. Obviously I don’t make money off this venture, I keep it up for the fun of the community… as well as the free books I feel very privileged to be reading ahead of the rest of the world. Seriously, it’s like the best perk. I’ll write a thousand reviews for free books, people.

Anyways, this past month saw me moving into my boyfriend and I’s first apartment (woohoo!), which was great except I didn’t have much time to read! Usually I’m a couple weeks ahead on my reviews, but suddenly I was finding myself down to the wire for time to get reviews together for the following Tuesday. I contemplated if I would be screwing up my streak of consistency too much if I just put up a note:

“Really tired. Didn’t read. Check back next week.”

Having to schedule time to read really sucks the fun out of it, don’t you think?

For free books, friends. For free books.

I’d also like to use these reading updates to give you little previews of my reading plans moving forward. On my radar in the coming weeks is Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake, an LGBTQ+ romance I found on NetGalley that sounds way too cute to pass up; Hook Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey, the second in the series she just started this summer (also a NetGalley win!) (see my first review here) (shamelessly using parentheses like three times in a row here); and In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead, the book I demanded the library order that has now sat on my shelf until nearly its due date. We’ll see where else my reading takes me this month – lord knows there’s plenty on my TBR.

And of course, Halloween is coming. I know for many, it’s like, lightyears down the road, but I live for Halloween and I’ve basically been celebrating since July. I was that one girl pulling up to the drive thru asking when pumpkin spice was coming when it was like, 90 degrees out. And because I love Halloween so much, it tends to affect my reading habits as well. As we get even closer to spooky season, you’ll for sure see me pulling out some witchy books to review. On my radar as picks for this year is Spellcrafting by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Yoga for Witches by Sarah Robinson, and Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper. Stay tuned!

I want to know what you’re reading this month!! Tell me the books you’re finally getting around to, or the ones you’ve been waiting for for months. Can’t wait to hear your recommendations!

Have a great week (and month) friends!

Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The temperature dropped by like, two degrees, so I’m ready for fall now and PUMPKINHEADS IS THE PERFECT AUTUMN READ. This quick little graphic novel was infused with pumpkin spice and falling leaves, I swear.

Deja and Josie have worked at an epic pumpkin patch (that more captures the entire spirit of fall, honestly) every September and October for three years. Their friendship has blossomed over that time, but they always say goodbye every Halloween and part ways. This year, their senior year and the last year they’ll be able to spend working at the patch, Deja is on a mission to get Josie to talk to the girl he’s been quietly crushing on the whole time – and they go on one epic fall adventure on their very last day to get there.

My biggest, and really only, complaint with Pumpkinheads is how short it was! It took me like an hour to get through, but I could’ve read that book until November. It really captured a spirit I’ve been searching for the past few weeks as we move into colder weather, Halloween stores are opening, and kids go back to school. I highly suggest picking it up mid-October.

The characters were absolutely adorable. Josie and Deja really did become whole and rounded, even in the short time we had with them (this had been my biggest problem with Mooncakes, another great fall read: see that review here). I think that might be because of the heavy focus on just these two: no characters other than them were given more than a frame or two, and certainly not without them in it. While I love good supporting characters, I think they made a good decision here that only added to my enjoyment of Pumpkinheads. I could buy into their friendship and bond with each other because it was evident in the way they interacted and the history they shared; I didn’t need to see so many ways they worked together because they were already friends and they sold me on that. It was just feel good, from start to finish, and gave you that happy glow of knowing people just fit.

The art in this book was just phenomenal. Everything from the style to the warmth of the colors screamed cozy and I was all about it. I think Rowell and Hicks really knew what they were shooting for and how they wanted the reader to feel while they read, and they nailed it. It’s hidden in every detail.

I’ve essentially given you zero reasons not to read Pumpkinheads, so you’ll be glad to know you can already pick up a copy: it was released August 27th! Book best served with pumpkin pie and a blanket scarf. 🙂