Reading Update: July

Reading Update: July

I suppose I should probably start putting the year on these reading updates? I must have done at least a year’s worth by now!

It’s July which means SUMMER READING IS HERE!! And given that this is the first full summer I have not been a librarian myself, I am playing to win. I signed up for summer reading last week and plan to dominate. My old coworkers have been scaring off the other adults with the threat of my participation. This. Is. My. Year.

Of course, that also means trying to make time in my busy schedule to go down to the library and log books to begin with…but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I usually tend to read more in the summer and less in the winter, but the past couple seasons haven’t been like that. Here’s hoping I can still keep up with the insane pace I’ve set for myself this year. As of the end of June, I’ve already read 43 books toward my goal of 52 this year – 18 books ahead of schedule, according to Goodreads. 43 books is already eight more books than I read all of last year! I read nine in June alone, though very few stuck out as great ones. I loved My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey (obviously), but everything else was *meh*. I’d like to aim for a bit more nonfiction in July, as well as cut through some of my tbr currently residing on my shelves at home. June was a good month for that, too. I got through Fumbled, The Five Love Languages Military Edition, and The Book of Cold Cases. This month, I’d like to get through Cricut Maker, The Last Time I Lied (the only Sager I haven’t read yet!), and The Paris Apartment, if I can.

I fell out of touch with my audiobooks in June, too. I usually get through most of my reading by taking advantage of audiobooks, but I just wasn’t here for it this month. I’m getting tired of boring narrators, especially when the stories are so good. The only audios I listened to this month were Written in the Stars, Misery, and The Book of Cold Cases. I started a couple, but didn’t end up listening to them all the way through because I was so bored with the narrators. That’s a problem I’ve not had in a long while.

July will also see the first week or so of my being alone for four weeks. Nate and I tend to spend time together in the evenings by watching movies together, or our favorite shows (Wednesdays are kind of our night, with shows like Kenobi and Moon Knight). This takes up time that I would’ve spent reading in a past life. I’m curious to see how much reading I get done when I’ve got to fill all those evenings alone! Rewatching Stranger Things is also on my list, though, and that’s not something Nate will watch with me. Maybe that’s the time to do it.

I think that will about do it for the reading update! I can’t wait to give you the results of summer reading next month, and regale you of my awesome prizes. 😉