Reading Update: March

Reading Update: March

Time for a March update!

Yeah, in case it wasn’t clear from my February sum-up post…I didn’t read much this month. Super weird. I did SO good in January, maybe I just needed a breather, but winter is generally my good months! I only got to two books in February, Weather Girl and Love on the Brain, but I think Ali Hazelwood’s newest has put me back in a reading mood.

I spent most of that time, instead, trying to launch my craft business and binge watching television with Nate (my boyfriend). I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars and a lot of Disenchantment these last few weeks. Oh, and Arcane. And the back of my eyelids, lol. But not a lot of books! It’s just been a busy month. I redid our bedroom as well, which was quite the endeavour full of mini-projects, and it just really filled my time – but I’m excited to jump back into this and fill some more prompts in March.

I have so many NetGalley books still available. -_-. *I’m* killing me here. Sometimes I go on and request things and know that I’ll read them almost immediately. But I think, when the pandemic first started, I just requested soooo many books to stock up and then never read them. There’s some really old stuff in there, and I’ve already weeded out what I’ve decided I’m *never* reading. So really, I do intend to get to this someday. Maybe March is that day? I’ve already started in on some of them. Maybe my new rule will be to read the oldest first. I need some sort of discipline when it comes to NetGalley or I’m never going to catch up!

I also think I need to go on a no-buy for a few months. Picking up some stuff at Gibson’s February sale was well worth it, but I think March needs to be a no-buy month! Maybe it’ll encourage me to get through some of my tbr for once in my life…plus, Nate might kill me if more books show up in our house. I’m running out of places to put them, people.

Which, only sort of related, but I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I keep my books in wooden crates! You know, the unfinished crates you can buy at the craft store, or IKEA, or any other major big-box retailer? Those things are incredible storage solutions. I stack them facing out everywhere. Those puppies are my bedside tables, end tables in my living room, the legs of my coffee table (with a huge butcher block top on top of them), and even my entertainment center, holding our tv and gaming consoles! I love those as bookshelves, especially because once I run out of room, all I have to do is go grab another $10 crate, or however much the going rate for some wood is these days… easy peasy solution! Peep the endless possibilities from my cat cam:

Also, Eloise. 🙂

My plan this month is to hit the books while Nate is away visiting his family in Georgia – I’m hoping I can get through a little more without him here to watch more Star Wars with me. 🙂 I want to get through Gwendy’s Final Task and The Paris Apartment, at the very least! However I am also eyeballing the show Only Murders in the Building, which is totally not something he’d watch with me, so this is truly my chance, hahaha. Have you watched that one?? We’ll see what I get to, I guess!

I got and gave a lot of book recommendations this month, too. My boss and I chat about books often, and she knows I like a good mystery. She recommended The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlain, which another one of my friends had also read and enjoyed. I don’t know if I’ll get to it this month, but it’s definitely on my list now! She told me, funny enough, to skip the first chapter. Apparently it’s far more intriguing to figure out if you skip the first chapter, which is really just setting the stage and telling you how things will end. It goes against everything I’ve ever been told, but I might try it for the sake of the mystery.

My bestie finished up The Return by Rachel Harrison and was looking for something else with the same vibe to check out, as well. I suggested My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix, and also House of Leaves, even though I haven’t read that one yet, only because it sounds exactly up her alley. Turns out, it was, because she’s already read that one – which is a glowing recommendation in my eyes, and I can’t wait to pick up that one myself now! She’s going to pick up that Grady Hendrix after Final Girl Support Group now, so we all made out in this deal.

I think that will about do it this month! Not much to report on this time around, but solid reading time ahead. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the weekend! 😉